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8 - 12 февраля "Professional Level Training in Bodymind Intelligence and therapy" интенсив Ulrich Freitag

What we put ‘behind us’: the back and other problems

This training is a deeper exploration and teaching of the work with our bodymind intelligence.

The training includes:
• The physical, psychological, psychosomatic and energetic aspects of the human being
• The understanding and working with segments and the armoring of the bodymind
• The teachings of Wilhelm Reich
• The development of an intuition from the heart,
• Work with the ‘Water element’ of Chinese medicine, including the physical, energetic, psychosomatic, emotional and psychological aspects of the kidney and bladder meridians
• Accurate assessment and work with the back and back problems
• Jin Shin- and Taoist bodymind acupressure, deep massage, counseling and bodymind skills to release repressed emotions and balance the bodymind
•Daily meditations will be integral and important part of the training.

The training is complete in itself. See also the description of the complete training. 

See also our articles on touch, intelligence of the heart, etc as well as student feedback.

This training in bodymind intelligence with Ulrich in India has changed my life. I had health problems which gradually deteriorated since 5 years, leaving me with the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis in the last year. During the trip to India and during the training, several sessions have allowed me to release deep inner pain  and left me lighter. Ulrich thank you for your professionalism and your reassuring presence during these sessions. Your concern for what the recipient lives and  the person giving has meant that I had confidence to allow me to externalize what should be.

During this trip my bleeding stopped, and I'm in remission. I'm back since five months and the bleedings are still absent
- Marie B. Programmer, May 2013

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