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6 dec - 20 dec A Magical Journey in India with Tantra Meditations

As winter takes over Europe, come and replenish yourself with the unique energy of India and its glorious sunshine!

Dates: Saturday 6th to Saturday 20th of December 2014 (15 days)

I am delighted to present this new appealing programme in South India. A multi-faceted human adventure that is guaranteed to greatly encourage your personal development while thoroughly impregnating your whole being with India’s spirituality and magical beauty.

As a couple or solo traveller, this experience will take you closer to real well-being, joy, freedom, and the authentic expression of who you really are. You deserve it!

Part 1 - Arambol, Goa (7 days)

Iconic beach, Arambol is a magical place where creativity and spirituality meet. Life is sweet here as you meet amazing people from all over the world and enjoy the various concerts and art performances on offer. One can easily go with the flow and effortlessly make most of each moment with spontaneity.

The heart of your experience in Arambol will be the 5-day ‘Tantra Life’ workshop led by my friend Ananda. Ananda is a respected spiritual teacher working from the heart, encouraging people to live their truth, and guiding them to achieve real personal fulfilment in life. During the workshop you will take part in a variety of tantric meditations and group exercises that will stimulate a sincere opening about life, love, sensitivity, relationships. That way you will be able to take major steps towards clarity, self-healing and self-realisation. All this in fairy tale surroundings under the coconut trees a few steps away from the ocean.

Minimum 4 hours or workshop per day (Total 20h minimum)

Part 2: Hampi, Karnataka (4 days)

Located on the banks of the river Tungabhadra, Hampi is a peaceful historical village with a totally unique atmosphere that will remain engraved in your memory forever. Red-stone hills surrounded by vibrant green rice fields and banana plantations, the landscapes are something ‘out of a book’.

The site is classified World Heritage by the UNESCO. Many temple ruins from the Vijayanagara Empire are scattered in this area, dating from the 14th century. Half way through your journey, grandiose yet laid-back Hampi will be the perfect place to reflect and integrate all that you lived up to that point.

Here you will be able to approach rural India with ease, be part of the life of the local Virupaksha temple, explore the surrounding area on foot or bicycle, and meditate at sunset from some outstanding viewpoint. You will simply not want to leave!

For more information on Hampi :

Part 3 - Gokarna, Karnataka (3 days)

Gokarna is another small paradise in India from which most people find it hard to leave. You will get to know why! Forget about your shoes and live on the beach as you wish. Wake up in the morning and walk straight to the sea. Meditation, yoga, massage, jogging, farniente… You decide of your programme and live at your own pace. Proper relaxation on the menu!

A short walk from the beach, the village is a spiritual place with its old temple, its Ayurvedic clinic, shops and pleasant local restaurants. A good place to buy gifts and souvenirs in a charming environment.

Gokarna will be the perfect conclusion to your Indian experience. Taking good care of yourself, you will be able to go home rested, calm, and able to carry on your life journey with renewed inner peace and inner strength.

Price of this outstanding adventure: £636 per person (14 nights, all local transports included)

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